"Police number plate camera scheme broke law"

29 July 2013
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29 July 2013, Comments: 0

Police car camera


One of the first questions CameraWatch asks about a CCTV system is  “Is there a real need for a CCTV system?” and if the answer is yes, then it is followed reasonably quickly by “How can you justify the system?”

The link above showing the reaction from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) shows how easy it is to breach data protection legislation. And the ICO is being becoming more pro-active.

The old saying of “Just because someone wears a uniform doesn’t mean that they know what they are doing” springs to mind. It is everyone’s duty to make sure that CCTV is lawful.

Keep  legal – make sure that your CCTV system is compliant with data protection requirements. Seek expert – and we mean EXPERT advice.

Any questions then contact us.

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